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Introducing Dietary Suplements To The Polish Market



Dietary suplements, introduced to a Polish market, are governed by food law. Due to their composition and purpose, they are classified as foodstaff and do not need to be tested during clinical studies.

The regulations for placing dietary supplements on the market are set out in Art. 29, 30, 31 of the Act on food safety and nutrition of August 25, 2006 [Journal of 2018, item 1951].


Bipolar Disorders



Nearly 3% of population suffer from bipolar disorder.

Therapies with ketamine administered intravenously may be a novelty in the treatment of BP. Studies have shown a rapid antidepressant effect of ketamine infusion lasting for at least 2 weeks in a significant proportion of patients receiving mood stabilizers, refractory to previous antidepressant use.