• Introduction of the Site, Departments and Research Teams to the database (NETWORK)
  • Promoting Site among pharmaceutical companies and other clinical trials organizations
  • Providing the offer of appropriate clinical trials to be performed at the Site – feasibility process
  • Negotiating and signing a clinical trial contract
  • Training of Medical Staff
  • Coordination of clinical trials at the Site

We are able to provide support throughout the entire research process, including the provision of specialized staff. The scope of additional services is tailored to the specific needs of the Site.

CROS – Network

Based on a pre-study visit, we prepare a portfolio of the Sites and Research Teams. The portfolio is included in our database and is presented to pharmaceutical companies. At this stage we are promoting the Site.

General terms of cooperation:

  • Placing information about the Principal Investigator and the Team of Investigators in the database
  • Contact with pharmaceutical companies and promotion of the Site (on the CROS side)
  • Confidentiality clause signed by all stakeholders

CROS – Presentation of the study

After accepting the proposal by the Sponsor, in cooperation with the Siter and Investogator, CROS performs Feasibility:

  • Basic: presentation of Synopsis (summary of clinical trial) – analysis of recruitment potential in the Site, region or country.
  • Advanced: presentation of the Synopsis along with the Feasibility Questionnaire – based on the questionnaire answering the establishment of recruitment potential in the Site, region or country.

CROS – Contracting

Upon acceptance of the Site by the Sponsor – assistance in the contracting process, including negotiations and preparation of the contract.

CROS – Training

We provide:

  • Certified Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Protocol and procedure training (each study protocol is analyzed with the Study Team
  • Training for medical personnel with a great concern for professionalism of the study

CROS – Coordination at the Site

We support all clinical trial processes:

  • Opening Site Initiation Visit (SIV)
  • Coordination of the work of nurses and Investigators
  • Monitoring visits
  • Auditing
  • Summary visits

CROS – Management

  • Coordination of the travel expenses of participants in the study
  • Administration of clinical trial documentation
  • Monitoring, planning and ordering support materials (including laboratory sets, patient diaries, etc.)
  • Preparation of the clinical trial documentation
  • Coordinate courier services within a clinical trial (including blood samples, equipment, etc.)
  • Completion of required schedules and accounting of visits
  • Prepare clinical documentation for archiving

CROS – Recruitment

  • Supporting the process of recruiting clinical trial participants (it means patients for clinical trials)
  • Development of advertising materials
  • Coordination of advertising campaigns
  • Consultations

CROS - Outsourcing

Posting of qualified staff to support internal processes


  • Current support in a clinical trial at the Center
  • Availability of designated person 24/7
Clinical trials services Conferences

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